PowerUp Chimbra Module



This module puts all your CRM data with the Sales Master module at your fingertips plus adds integrated emails and mega-search for the most powerful CRM experience ever:

  • Instantly store all emails between your business and your contacts
  • Track conversations with prospects and customers
  • Track reads on email, report on open rates and business intelligence - know when to follow up, when is the best time to send, how many times has your proposal been read
  • Never lose emails employees and important business contacts (what rates were they promised, where is that signed contract)
  • Automate email responses with custom emails - create rules to auto send or create marketing automation and drip campaigns
  • Create beautiful email templates for regular emails such as proposal templates, report templates or repetitive emails
  • Auto-send email or set for approval to allow for personalization and customization of each template
  • Create custom fields for CRM contacts (for example, dietary requirements, or name of spouse)
  • Easily beautiful webforms to populate your CRM - capture all leads and enquiries 
  • PLUS: all features in the CRM Sales Master module