PowerUp Chimbra Module

Sales Power


Sales are the backbone of any company and being able to see instantly what is going on is essential whether you are a one-man-band or management looking for transparency from the sales team. PowerUp your CRM with a customizable visual Kanban board and real-time sales data.

  • View your sales process on an interactive Kanban board - drag and drop across the funnel
  • Automate emails at each stage of the funnel
  • Grade leads (unclassified, cold, warm and hot) with visual content on your board
  • Maintain estimated close dates for forecasting and receive notifications within your dashboard
  • Allocate team to prospects and leads
  • Customise your sales pipe with different status
  • Have all your sales KPIs at your fingertips:
    • Track new leads, conversion rates to customers, and month-on-month performance
    • Instantly get a picture of your CRM by team, contact status, tags, products, and age of interaction (know which contacts have not been interacted with for different periods of time)