About Chimbra

"I just wanted to make something sexy - a system that made people happy when they used it"

Dan Roberts - founder Chimbra

Chimbra is the best management software to run any small to medium sized business. Chimbra provides all your business needs in a one-stop solution - no more logging into lots of different systems just to get through your day. Chimbra modules are completely integrated to create fully automated business processes.

Everything You Need To Run Your Business - For Free!!!

A Sales Centric CRM

Focus on closing leads and creating customers. Improve customer service by putting important information about your customers and suppliers at your teams fingertips at all times. Schedule tasks and automate email reminders for repetitive actions like paying balances, weekly client meetings, monthly client reports. Give your team the tools to do more in less time. Connect your whole company to the sales process. Without sales and customers a business would cease to exist. Give all your teams an overview of what's going on in sales - see when a colleague sends a quote or celebrate when they convert a lead to a customer.

PowerUp your Chimbra CRM with
visual sales boards, sales KPIs and extensive email tracking

Setup To Suit Your Business

Lots of easy to use settings give you the flexibility and freedom to customise Chimbra to suit your business. Currency, timezones, B2B versus B2C, track your lead sources, and build your own email templates to create a system without the fluff that does exactly what your business needs. Looking for even more functionality - PowerUp your Chimbra with pro-Modules and add-ons and pay only for what you need.

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Project Management Without The Fuss

Most projects fall down when the overall scope, timeframes and expectations for the project are not clear to the team. Schedule tasks within a project and follow progress. Track your teams performance with timesheets and easy to maintain progress bars. Unique commenting and activity streams make collaboration easy. Whether your project is delivering something for a client or an internal project like a brochure or sales campaign, the Chimbra Project Management makes it easy for team to deliver on time and on budget.

Team Collaboration

Real time team chat, system wide commenting, instant cut and paste of screenshots, and uploading of documents make for your team to work together seamlessly. Get an instant overview of everything happening across the whole system with detailed activity streams. Build collaborative team boards for innovation, strategy and idea management linking your business wide data in one centralised place.

Tag Me Baby

Create your own comprehensive filling system. Group contacts, tasks, projects and meetings at the click of a button with a system-wide tagging system.

The Chimbra Why

Dan Roberts. Founder

When I started building Chimbra in 2017 I wasn't setting out to build disruptive technology - I wanted to build something constructive. I was as frustrated as the business owners I worked with - log in to one system here, another system there. I saw so many business owners introducing 5 or 6 different applications in a year trying to get more transparency on their companies. But the small teams were fatigued with the ever changing array of systems - they felt like their workload was ever increasing, not decreasing. (It was). In the end most business owners end up with nothing - they have no real handle on their sales pipes, everything is manual, projects fail to deliver and their teams are jaded just plodding on the treadmill of running their business.

I also noticed that the majority of the systems they tried were just plain ugly. It was very obvious that the better looking the interface the quicker small teams adopted the solution. My motivations for developing Chimbra was thus easy:

It had to be simple to use, very quick to learn for small teams short on time and patience;

It had to have everything a small business needed without stressful bells and whistles - eliminate fluff and eliminate as many other systems as possible;

It had to cut through the noise by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to focus time and energy on getting things done;

AND it had to be the most beautiful software experience ever made!!